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Air traffic Controller Training

The course structure and syllabus was already available and was being delivered via PowerPoint to students in a classroom. There was no real interaction with the knowledge for the students so, supplementary to the live classroom teaching, students were provided with eLearning these eLearning activities which provided ways in which they could apply their knowledge. […]

Course Design

Syllabus design is a very complex process involving many factors, not just the designer themselves, but also what the end-user (student) intends to do with the newly acquired knowledge. In language teaching, for example, or the design of learning environments and experiences, the approach is highly context dependant. The order of acquisition, the teachability hypothesis, […]

Abnormal Situations

This was a really interesting project involving a tool created for language research in aviation. It was part of a repeated measures pre and post-intervention task for a communication activity between trainee pilots and air traffic controllers. The idea was to provide a speech elicitation device before and after a course of language training to […]

The Walkaround

This was quite a large project whose objective was to give Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers practice in aviation communications in English. This was part of a wider blended learning package including synchronous interactions with an Aviation English Instructor via Zoom. The focus of the asynchronous self-access part of the modules was to provide practice […]

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Benchmark Level Check

This project was to accompany the Walkaround eLearning project and was to be a diagnostic test for aviation English language teachers to try and establish where a student’s language problems lie. The test itself followed the typical test-design life-cycle and was subject to some rigorous trialling and statistical analysis. As regards the test itself, for […]

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Serco Baghdad Recruitment

This video was created whilst I was working at Baghdad International Airport as an employee in 2019. The object of the video was to accompany a recruitment drive for more staff at Baghdad International Airport. As you can imagine, at the time the video was created, there was a lot of instability and Mosul, to […]