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  • Date: April, 2019
  • Location: Leicester, UK
  • Client: University of Leicester
  • Category: eLearning
  • Client Link:

This was a really interesting project involving a tool created for language research in aviation. It was part of a repeated measures pre and post-intervention task for a communication activity between trainee pilots and air traffic controllers. The idea was to provide a speech elicitation device before and after a course of language training to see if there was a measurable difference in performance after training. The Pilot ran the storyline and from a computer in one room and the Air Traffic Controller was in another room in communication via headset and PTT (Push To Talk) button.

The needs of the project were analysed using Action Mapping and then Storyboarding. As you can probably see, this wasn’t a traditional eLearning project as there weren’t any learning outcomes. There was, however, a specific goal and objective for this tool. The software used was Adobe® Photoshop for the modification of assets, Microsoft® PowerPoint for easy creation of some of the graphics, Apple® Final Cut Pro X for the audio editing and the project was put together and deployed in Articulate Storyline360.

Please click the tabs below to see it in action, I hope you like what you see.