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  • Date: July 2022
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Serco plc
  • Category: eLearning
  • Project Link:

The course structure and syllabus was already available and was being delivered via PowerPoint to students in a classroom. There was no real interaction with the knowledge for the students so, supplementary to the live classroom teaching, students were provided with eLearning these eLearning activities which provided ways in which they could apply their knowledge.

The LOs were tweaked and rewritten using Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Bloom’s wheel. As I already had the luxury of the material being readily available, I used the Successive Approximation Model as opposed to ADDIE for a quicker turnaround.

The software used was Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® Illustrator, Microsoft® PowerPoint and finally, Articulate Storyline360. The project was deployed on a Moodle deployment and xAPI statements were called in order to provide SCORM reporting for the instructors.