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  • Date: January 2021
  • Location: London (remote)
  • Client: Lenguax®
  • Category: eTesting
  • Client Link:

This project was to accompany the Walkaround eLearning project and was to be a diagnostic test for aviation English language teachers to try and establish where a student’s language problems lie.

The test itself followed the typical test-design life-cycle and was subject to some rigorous trialling and statistical analysis. As regards the test itself, for those who are interested, using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) a reliability coefficient of .89 was yielded (Cronbach’s Alpha α). Facility values and discrimination indices were checked and items modified in order to ensure test was internally consistent and valid. An additional approach was also used to gather stakeholder and test-taker feedback in order to examine the test from a qualitative approach.

I wrote custom JavaScript xAPI objects in order to populate an LRS, Watershed in this case, in order to capture users’ performance and enable downloading into csv for data analysis in SPSS.