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  • Date: April, 2021
  • Location: London (remote)
  • Client: Lenguax®
  • Category: Syllabus Design
  • Client Link:

Syllabus design is a very complex process involving many factors, not just the designer themselves, but also what the end-user (student) intends to do with the newly acquired knowledge. In language teaching, for example, or the design of learning environments and experiences, the approach is highly context dependant. The order of acquisition, the teachability hypothesis, the learners’ first language interference, background culture and expectations as well as individual learning styles all have to be carefully balanced and created underpinned by sound methodological processes.

What you see here is part of Module 1, Session 1 of a 20 hour face to face Aviation English course. Online modules also accompany the course in order to get some more practice and consolidate what learners have acquired.

The course also includes lesson plans for the teacher.

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