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  • Date: April, 2019
  • Location: Baghdad, Iraq
  • Client: Serco
  • Category: Video Production
  • Client Link:

This video was created whilst I was working at Baghdad International Airport as an employee in 2019. The object of the video was to accompany a recruitment drive for more staff at Baghdad International Airport. As you can imagine, at the time the video was created, there was a lot of instability and Mosul, to the North of the airport, was under ISIS control. Naturally, this dissuaded a lot of people from applying to work there.

The video contains talking heads and a lot of B-roll which was taken during the course of two days using a Canon EOS 2000D (24.1MP) Digital SLR Camera. Graphics, introductions and background music were kindly provided by the Serco branding department and integrated into the video.

The tools used for this project were were Adobe® Photoshop for the modification of assets, Adobe® Animate and Apple® Final Cut Pro X for the video editing. The final product was uploaded to Serco’s YouTube channel and embedded into the Serco Middle East recruitment website.